Friday, November 14, 2008

The Price Is Wrong

Get it?? There's a TV show called The PRICE Is Right, and there's a goalie that plays for the Canadiens named Carey PRICE!! I am almost completely certain that I am the first person to EVER think of that play on words!! I better use it again at least 20 times this season to make sure EVERYONE KNOWS HOW CLEVER I AM!!!

Seriously, I wish Price had 6 goals scored on him every game so I never have to read one of those headlines again.

Derick Brassard - I've mentioned him before, but at 21% owned in Yahoo leagues I'll keep mentioning him until Blogspot decides to change the name of my Blog to DerickBrassardOnTheIce. Even in a bad losing effort for the Blue Jackets Brassard still manages a goal and an assist. This kid is just flat out good.

Patrik Berglund - Speaking of rookies playing well despite their team sucking, Berglund has a 5 game point streak with 4 goals, in 5 straight losses for the Blues. I just picked him up in my keeper and I think he's a good move in any keepers. Still a bit early to say for normal leagues though.

Lee Stempniak - 4 game point streak. If the Blues can figure out what's going on in net maybe they'll start winning some of these games!

Toni Lydman - For the thrifty fantasy hockey GM looking for a free agency pick up to help with his or her plus minus, I present Toni Lydman. Toni is a +7 so far on a good defensive Sabres team and is usually in the 20+ point range. He is also available in burgundy and periwinkle.

Travis Zajac - Keeps scoring points (11 through 15 games, 3 game streak right now) and also shooting a lot, and people keep not picking him up. And you know what? I can't blame you, he's about as boring a paint drying.

Cory Stillman - Remember when I told you to consider picking up Stillman? Forget I ever said that.

Marco Sturm - Not one of my favorite Bruins but it looks like he's for real this season. Check if he's available, because at this point he shouldn't be in any leagues.

Taylor Pyatt - Was probably just as surprised as I was that you get a +1 for scoring on a penalty shot. I feel like I've noticed that a bunch of times in the past but each time it feels like I've never heard of it before.

Milan Lucic - Remember when I told you to sell Lucic? Forget I ever said that.

Joey MacDonald / Erik Ersberg - Remember when I told you to go after Joey MacDonald and Erik Ersberg? Over and over again? Remember that. Remember that in your dreams.

Joe Pavelski - Shockingly only 26% owned. I've given some Sharks wingers crap on here in the past but I'm a big fan of their centers (well, if you pretend Marleau is still playing C and Marcel Goc isn't on the team). I tried to draft Pavelski in my keeper but didn't go after him high enough, and I'm kicking myself now. He keeps getting better and has a natural goal scorers touch. I also like that he's an American dude with a Polish sounding last name. There aren't enough "-skis" in hockey.

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