Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Market Movers

Well I know this isn't going up on Monday (despite what the heading might say) but I had it started then and I've had trouble coming up with anything past these 6 guys, so I figured it was time to get it up and keep things rolling.


Joey Macdonald - Macdonald and the Islanders both haven't played as poorly as the numbers suggest. The Isles actually look like the young hungry team they're supposed to be, shooting a ton and staying aggressive all game long. Now there's no doubt that Joey Mac is a mediocre goalie at best, but if you need a bonafied #1 goalie on the cheap because you drafted Gerber/Kolzig/Theodore/Garon/Labarbera, then Macdonald is a good option.

Danny Briere - Looks like Danny "Don't Call Me Daniel" Briere is injured yet again. I bet GMs that own him are getting pretty sick of it, and I also bet he continues to score at better than a point per game pace when he does play. Be a nice fellow and take this problem off your fellow GMs' hands.

Vincent Lecavalier - Vincent "I Don't Care If You Call Me Vinny But Now That We Have Prospal Back It Makes Things Kind Of Confusing" Lecavalier hasn't quite been putting up the numbers his owners were hoping for. While Lecavalier was a late bloomer as an elite player, I do think he bloomed and I don't expect him to end a season with less than a point per game anytime soon.


Corey Perry - His numbers this season are inflated because of a five point game last month. I do like how much he's shooting, but I don't see him finishing the season with more than 60 points. Meanwhile, there are probably plenty of guys who will finish with more than 70 that you could trade him for.

Devin Setoguchi - Coming off a great game and playing at a high level early this season. Why should you sell him? Because the second that he cools down and someone else starts to click next to Thornton, just watch as his stock plumets.

Mike Smith - While I may tell you to buy Lecavalier, it doesn't change the fact that the Lightning suck and Smith has never played an entire season as a starter before. He's a good goalie and he's been exceptional so far, but who knows how the rest of the season will play out. If you have two other capable goalies, you could probably get a very nice return from a team hurting at goalie.

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