Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's Raining Goals

Every season it seems there are stretches where there are two or three games a night with 10 or more goals scored. Well, it sure seems like this is one of those times this season. And I know what you're thinking after each one of those games... "Come on, the Devils score 8 goals and Parise can't get a single one?!?" Although Parise's 4 assists might lighten the blow, but you get my drift. The point is, a goal counts the same if your player scores it when their team wins 9-3 or when they lose 2-7. Don't get too disappointed if your guys aren't cashing in big during blowout games, the important thing is that they keep putting up points consistently all season, even when there aren't 30 points a game to go around.

Tom Poti - Assists in three straight games, even if the 7% that own him want to pull their hair out over the fact he manages a -1 while his team wins 5-1. Poti's debut in Washington last season was a big disappointment to fantasy owners but he didn't play poorly. He's a talented defenseman and if he sees some more powerplay time he's not a bad 4th defenseman in deep leagues.

Aaron Voros - 7 PIM and 5 SOG last night. He was obviously dropped by a lot of GMs after they realized he wasn't going to put up 50+ points. Still, if he stays healthy he'll be the only player at the end of the season in the top 10 in PIM with over 30 points. He gets in front of the net and bangs at pucks, leading to bunches of SOG at a time and some goals here and there. Just because he's not on the second line anymore don't ignore the fact that Voros is the best points + PIM guy in the NHL.

Brian Gionta - How many other players at a point per game pace are available in almost 40% of Yahoo leagues? Well I'm sure there are others, and a 4 point game last night obviously boosts Gionta's stats considerably, but he's still having a hell of a season.

Michael Ryder - His season's been a bit slow so far, but take a look at his past 10 games: 5 G, 4 A, +5, 2 PPP, 25 SOG. That's solid production, and two things jump out at me there. He still isn't getting a lot of powerplay time, which I think will come sooner or later, and even without getting a lot of icetime he's still getting a good amount of SOG. So unless time on ice counts for your leagues, even without him playing on the top line Ryder is still a good addition to your team.

Martin Havlat - 27 games into the season and he's still healthy! Yaaayyyyy!! 1 A, + 2 last night is one of the best games he's had in his past 10! Boooooooooo!! Havlat hasn't been bad, but I think most owners would agree that we would rather he plays up to his potential and gets red hot for a good stretch and then get his inevitable injury, rather than putz along all season healthy at this level of production. He just isn't making a significant enough impact on weekly matchups.

Nikolai Khabibulin - He's back from injury and if any GMs dropped him while he was out, now is the time to pick him back up. His first game back wasn't great but he got the W, and while Huet has played well lately, his play overall while the Bulin Wall was out didn't cement him the starting job. Cement... Wall... I say, that's a joke son!

Rene Bourque - No matter how many Yahoo updates tell you he's not worthwhile in fantasy leagues, the fact is, just as I've said a few times this season, he's a very good option in deep leagues. And he had 2 goals last night to prove it. Plus don't forget he'll beat up a rookie in front of his family now and then to help you win PIM for the week. What a swell guy.

Tomas Vokoun - Finally gets a start and puts up an impressive win, stopping 35 of 37 shots and shutting Calgary down in the shootout. As hot as Anderson's been lately, Vokoun is still a heck of a goalie and there's always a good chance he'll win back the starting job.

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