Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Market Movers

What better day to start this new weekly feature than when the actual stock market is on the rise? If I can keep this trend up every Monday maybe I'll eventually be able sell my shares of Sears Holding Corporation without bleeding red. Anyway, here are my top candidates to buy and sell in the NHL fantasy market right now.


Mikka Kiprusoff - I know, I know. Kipper is off to a pretty terrible start. I've given him crap. You've given him crap. I'm sure Mike Keenan's given him crap. I bet his mom even called him up and gave him crap. But here's the thing: if you're hurting at goalie, there's nobody more talented out there who you can probably get this dirt cheap, at least compared to his value over the entire season.

Michael Ryder - He's off to a good start but only has one goal so far. Some owners might be fooled by this, and Ryder seemed to be generally under valued going into this season. I still say he'll be scoring goals by the boatload soon enough playing next to Savard, and by then there's no chance you'll be able to get him on the cheap.

Steve Bernier - I'm not crazy about the Canucks but Bernier is playing with the Sedins and clicking. If Richard Park was in that situation I'd list him as a buy too.

Braydon Coburn - More of a buy in keepers, but either way if your defense is hurting I'd say make a move for Coburn. He's off to a decent start (1 G, 1 A, +1, 10 SOG) on the winless Flyers. In other words, that's the type of production he puts up when his team is slumping. When the Fly Guys break out of this nonsense, Coburn will be racking up powerplay points and his +/- will only get better. He's good in his own zone, has good hands, and a mean shot.


Martin St. Louis - With how he's been under performing, he might seem like a Buy. Not so. The Lightning are in for a rough season, and St. Louis is past his prime. Sell him while you can still get something out of his name value.

Vesa Toskala - Toskala is not a bad goalie, but he's not a very good one either. And he plays for a bad Maple Leafs team. He's off to a good start, so use that to your advantage. For example, a package deal including Toskala for Kipper? At the end of the season you'll be thanking me.

Milan Lucic - Fantasy hockey GMs will always get a hard on for a player they think can maybe get them a good amount of PIMs and points, even though you're almost always better off going with one guy you know will get you a ton of PIMs, and another guy you know will get you points. Lucic might have 40+ points and 100+ PIM. He might also have 27 points and 89 PIM (his stats from last season). In a roto league that might help a little. In head to head, not so much. Sell Lucic for someone who can actually make a difference in your match ups.

Fabian Brunnstrom - Do I even need to say that he won't keep up this pace? I see many dry spells and general inconsistency in Fabian's future. And with how hot he's started, I wouldn't be surprised if you could get an underperforming 4th round pick for him, maybe even a 3rd rounder. That is value right there. Kick Fabulous Fabian to the curb and go get yourself someone who doesn't sound like a swordfighting magician (Sorry David Schlemko, Yutaka Fukufuji and Steve Silverthorn).

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